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How to Choose the Right Provider for Funeral Home and Cremations in Hamilton, NJ

Saul Funeral Homes is one of the best providers of funeral and cremation services in Hamilton, NJ, and nearby areas. Since starting our funeral home in 1899, we take pride in what we do and our longevity of service can attest to our quality work. Our purpose is to help families in our community make well-planned preparations in their time of need and provide a peaceful and soothing environment where people can gather to honor and celebrate the life of a loved one. Our staff is committed to providing support, compassion, information, and direction as needed to all members of our community, their families, and friends. Feel free to give us a call at (609) 587-0170.

If you have not needed to work with a provider for funeral home and cremations in Hamilton, NJ, it can feel overwhelming. An expert in the field will ease your stress and guide you through. Here are a few tips that can help you find a reliable, upstanding company to hire.

  • Hamilton, NJ Funeral Home And CremationsPositive Reviews: While this shouldn’t be your only measurement, it can help you sort out trends of which companies have the best interests of their clients in mind. Taking a little time to look up online reviews and ratings can be enlightening. In this same vein, asking your local network who they have had experience with can also be very helpful.
  • Experience: Look for a company that has experience within the industry. Building a reputable brand takes time. Attracting experienced and qualified staff is essential for newer companies to offer high-quality service to their clientele. That is because there is not really a substitute for real-life learning. With only one opportunity to lay your loved one to rest, be sure you are hiring professionals.
  • Local Decision Makers: Over the last few decades, large corporations have been buying up funeral homes. This has translated to less personable service and cost-cutting measures since the business owners answer stockholders and show monetary growth. Look for a company that is locally owned and operated. Many companies are part of a family legacy, with multiple generations continuing the tradition of high-quality service.
  • Full-Service Establishment: By choosing a full-service funeral home, you will have access to a complete range of service options. Not needing to coordinate between multiple providers saves time and frustration.


Service Types for Funeral Home and Cremations in Hamilton, NJ

It is estimated there are more than 70 decisions that need to be made in the first 48 hours after a loved one dies. This is a taxing load even with good support. It can often help to break the decision-making into two groups when considering funeral home and cremations in Hamilton, NJ.


The first is how you will handle the final remains. Will you choose a traditional burial? Would a cremation make more sense? How are you planning to lay your loved one to rest in the end? The second portion of decisions relates to how you want to honor the life of your loved one. This can be done with traditional or nontraditional service options. Funerals, memorials, graveside services, and scattering services are just a few of the styles that could be chosen. Let’s break down a few standard services for final arrangements here:

  • Embalming: This procedure cleanses and temporarily preserves the remains to allow for a final goodbye. It is not required, though it may be if you wish to have a public visitation.
  • Visitation: Also called a viewing or funeral wake, a visitation is a time set aside for family and friends to gather together to express condolences and share their grief. If the body is displayed, it offers a moment for loved ones to pay their final respects and see the deceased one more time.
  • Funeral: A ceremony that provides reflection and pays tribute to one who has passed on is called a funeral. A key part of a funeral includes the presence of the deceased lying in repose at the service. Most often, the body is held within a closed casket or shrouded in preparation for burial. Cremation can be performed post-funeral if that is desired.
  • Cremation: This method prepares the body for final disposition by enclosing the remains in a furnace until flames consume them. Any remaining fragments of bone are reduced through further processing until a collection of granules is all that remains. These particles are typically called ‘ashes.’
  • Memorial: A type of honoring ceremony that is similar in style and purposes to a funeral is the memorial service. Unlike a funeral, the body of the deceased is not present for the event. This can significantly ease timelines for when the service can be held. If cremation was chosen, the ashes could be present or scattered at this service.
  • Burial: There are several options for final interment. Casket burial in a traditional cemetery is common. Natural burial can support those who are wishing to be environmentally conscious. Above-ground solutions can be found with entombment in crypts or mausoleums. For cremated remains, burial in a cemetery urn plot is often available. A columbarium wall has receptacles for cremated remains to be permanently memorialized.


Work With Us

As preparations for funeral home and cremations in Hamilton, NJ need to be made for immediate, upcoming, or future pre-planning needs, consider working with Saul Funeral Homes, Inc. With more than four generations of family-owned and operated experience, they have everything you need to create a beautiful goodbye for your loved one.


Funeral Home and Cremations FAQs

What is the average cost of a funeral in New Jersey?

  • The average cost of a funeral in New Jersey is $7,000, which does not include the casket. When all of this is taken into account, the average cost might easily exceed $10,000. However, there are funeral homes especially in the Hamilton area that offers affordable funeral and cremation services, they even provide a general price list to help you with your decision. Funeral and cremation cost in Hamilton, NJ.

What is the difference between a celebration of life and a memorial service?

  • A memorial ceremony is usually held in honor of a recent loss and often involves religious undertones or underpinnings. A life celebration is often nonreligious in nature and focuses on the joy of having been blessed by the dead person's existence. Learn more.

What is veterans funeral?

  • All veterans that had been honorably dischaged are entitled to a headstone or marker, as well as a burial flag, in one of the 151 national veterans cemeteries. The gravesite, opening and closing the grave, a vault or liner, and placing the headstone will all be free of charge. Learn more.



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